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Simple & Easy Occupational Health

Overseeing occupational health for your employees and candidates can be time consuming and frustrating. NMS Health is dedicated to making the screening process as easy as possible for our clients.

Place a screening request in our platform, pod, and we’ll take care of everything that follows, from scheduling to results! We're laser focused on quality oversight, speed, and supporting you each step of the way.


where technology meets service


An array of nationwide occupational health screenings with an easy to use platform, dedicated support, live statuses, and a robust clinic and lab network that are convenient for your employees and candidates.

Our Services

vendor credentialing and medical facility access screenings

Make it easy to get your candidates and employees the health screenings they need for medical facility access, anywhere in the country!


pre-employment and fit for duty exams

Let us help you ensure that your employees are healthy and that your candidates can safely perform their jobs. Place a screening request in our platform, pod, and we'll take care of the rest. 


nationwide employee drug screens

From scheduling to results, your candidates are guided through a process that's simple and easy for them. Utilize over 7,000 lab and clinic partners throughout all 50 states.

Frustrated with Big Screen Corp?

we're not like the other guys


We want to work with you. We are your team behind the scenes. We ensure the entire screening process goes smoothly and that you, your employees, and candidates feel supported throughout each request. No mysterious wait times. No more feeling like you are in the dark. We are with you every step of the way.


easy to use platform

One-click service requests through pod for the exams or health screenings you need, anywhere in the US. Monitor live statuses and manage your occupational health program all in one place. Download and review screening results easily within the platform.

live statuses

Our team keeps you up to date with live statuses for each of your screening requests. We want you to know, in real time, where they are at any point during the screening process. This includes helpful notifications and alerts so you're never out of the loop.

unmatched support

With our dedicated client care teams, there is always someone looking out for you. We are here to help via multiple channels, including; phone, email, and chat. Support is available each step of the way from new client onboarding to medical clearance.

quality + speed

We know it's important that you get results back quickly, but it's equally important that records are complete and not missing key components. Our team puts in quality checks each step of the way and work to provide industry best turnaround times.

clinic network

coverage coast to coast


Wherever your employees or candidates are, we have you covered. You will have access to our network of over 3,500 full service occupational health clinics, 4,300 SAMHSA certified laboratory collections sites and 10,100 vaccine-enabled pharmacy partners. Our partners are spread across the entire United States, covering large cities to less populated, rural locations. Your employees and candidates deserve a convenient screening experience.

Don't see a NMS Health partner near your locations? No problem! Our partnerships can attempt to recruit new potential clinic partners as needed.







what our clients are saying


Check out what our clients have to say about their experiences!

Karah F. | Credentialing Team Lead

NMS has significantly improved our referral process for us and our clinicians in the field. Before NMS, we consistently had to reach out to our vendor to follow up on when we would receive results and often times it would take us weeks to obtain them.

NMS has changed the game for us. We are now getting documents back faster than we ever have before and we significantly decreased the amount of follow ups we've had to do. Additionally, their customer service is by far the best we've seen. They respond to requests quickly and resolve all issues without question. We are SO glad we made the switch!

Eileen F. | Senior HR Representative

Our employees are located across the country, and the nature of their work (hospital consulting) requires them to keep up to date on a variety of immunizations, health testing, and drug screenings.

We were looking for a way to lessen the administrative burden on our HR Department as well as make the process of getting the testing completed easier and more convenient for our employees. Cost was a factor too, as we didn't have much room in our budget to add a new service/vendor at the time.

NMS met all these goals for us.

This has been a win-win for our company, providing us with a reliable service that saves us both money and time.

Emily C. | Customer and Sales Ops

NMS has been dedicated to making the employee screening process simple and efficient for us. NMS provides our admin team and employees with outstanding customer service. Tracking our employee screening status real time in the Pod has been a game changer!!

I HIGHLY recommend NMS to anyone looking to simplify their employee screening process.

simpler. easier. occupational health. let's get started today.