About Pre-employment Physicals

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About Pre-employment Physicals

Pre-employment physicals set the stage for your candidates’ tenure with your company. It ensures that they can carry out the duties required for their position and provides a baseline snapshot of their health which can be used to track changes over time.


Types of Pre-Employment Physicals


While some physicals are mandated by state and federal law, others are chosen by the employers and curated by NMS Health to best suit their industry. Some common physicals NMS Health administers for our clients include:


Baseline Physical Exam

During a physical exam, a provider will review medical history and examine your potential employees to evaluate their overall health and determine if there are any illnesses or chronic conditions that could potentially affect their ability to perform job duties. Information gathered from this exam can later be used as a baseline when compared to other exams over time, such as annual exams.

A standard physical exam typically includes an overview of the patient's medical history as well as an inspection of vital signs, vision acuity, a head, eyes, ears, nose and throat examination, a gastointential examination, a cardiovascular examination, a respiratory assessment, a musculoskeletal assessment, a neurological examination and a skin and lymph node check.

Fit for Duty Exams

Fit for duty exams are intended to determine if an employee can safely perform the duties of their job without risking their safety or the safety of those around them. Fit for duty exams are uniquely tailored to the employer and the industry in which the individual works. Some of the tests that could be included are vision testing, audiometric testing, and/or pulmonary function testing depending upon the demands of the job.


Physical Abilities Assessment

A physical abilities assessment, sometimes called a physical ability test, may also be included in a fit for duty exam. This assessment measures your employees’ ability to perform specific actions. The components of the assessment are designed to mimic those that would be performed as part of their work duties. This assessment can include lifting, pulling and pushing with weighted resistance.


DOT Physicals

If you have employees who drive commercial vehicles, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandates that they must complete and pass a DOT physical. A certified medical examiner will conduct a review of the driver’s health history and perform a physical evaluation of their health. Once completed, drivers who are certified will receive their medical examiner’s certificate.


Drug and Alcohol Testing

Employee drug testing ensures a safe and healthy workplace. NMS Health offers a variety of panels to test for a wide range of substances, collection of urine or hair samples, as well as a variety of tests to fit the specific needs of your workplace.


Benefits of Pre-Employment Physicals

Ensuring your employees are healthy is an investment for your team! Pre-employment physicals can reduce work-related injuries, absenteeism, high turnover, and workers’ compensation claims. For those individuals in the healthcare field, it can also rule out communicable disease and keep patients healthy. Pre-employment physicals are not only an asset for your workplace but it also educates the employee and allows them to make well informed, proactive decisions about their own health.



Getting Started

NMS Health is a full service occupational health provider with coverage throughout all 50 states. We can help your company implement an exam program that will best keep your employees safe and reduce your company's workers' compensation exposure. Learn more about how NMS Health makes a program like this simple, without your company needing to spend additional resources on managing it.

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