VDOT Customer Success Story

VDOT Customer Success Story

VDOT at a glance





9 districts | 260 locations throughout Virginia


7,700 total | 3,600 needing occupational health services


DOT Pre-placement Exams

DOT Recertification Exams

Regulated Drug Screens

OSHA Screening

Respirator Fit Testing

Heavy Metal Blood Testing

US Coast Guard Exams

VDOT customer success story

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is responsible for building, maintaining and operating the states' roads, bridges, and tunnels. Virginia has the third-largest state-maintained highway system in the country. The team at VDOT was looking to enhance their systems and maintain compliance with the help of a dedicated partner.

[We wanted] to get greater visibility into our compliance with different occupational health requirements and ensure that we were properly able to determine when people were going, what the results were and get our own staff involved in the process of scheduling in a platform that allowed them to actually interact with the system as opposed to going through a central point of contact through written paper as we’d done previously.

Amanda Rovelli - Assistant Division Administrator / Human Resources Virginia Department of Transportation


VDOT's team was experiencing challenges with:

  • Paper in a Technological World: VDOT was primarily using a paper trail of medical records to track the statuses of their DOT and OSHA compliance requirements. VDOT was seeking a platform that would allow them to digitally receive results, track compliance due dates and monitor live statuses of employees within their occupational health program.
  • Backlog of DOT Exams: Limitations resulting from VDOT’s previous vendor’s screening capabilities and the Covid-19 pandemic, VDOT needed to complete hundreds of DOT exams in a short period of time to remain compliant.
  • Provider Limitations: VDOT was looking for additional stability and coverage when it came to their occupational health network. VDOT needed a partner who was willing to add to their clinic network to support their locations.
  • Communication Bottleneck: Due to their previous vendor’s technology limitations, VDOT team leaders had to rely on one internal key contact to pass along important screening updates and results to them via email and phone. VDOT wanted to solve this issue by allowing all their key team leaders be directly responsible for their own districts’ screening requirements within one central platform.

What VDOT did

VDOT and NMS Health's partnership was able to:

  • Convert from a predominantly paper centric process to a digital platform that allows all compliance requirements, screening requests and statuses to be managed in a central location.
  • Segment Pod environment by districts to allow each team leader to efficiently oversee their employees’ occupational health requirements and receive pertinent updates as they become available.
  • Decrease exposure to potential health related safety risks by adding additional oversight and review to the medical clearance process.
  • Add additional support capabilities to employees for all screening related questions and issue resolution via NMS Health’s live phone, chat, email, and text support.


  • VDOT has gone from one central point of contact overseeing occupational health to 78 users who are now fully trained and managing their employees’ occupational health requirements within pod.
  • Fit for duty clearance times from the exam date have improved from an average of 7 days to 2 days.
  • VDOT increased the number of clinics supporting their 260 locations from 60 clinics with their previous vendor to 125 with NMS Health.
  • 340 DOT and OSHA screenings were completed and reviewed per month on average in 2020.

After the dissolution of VDOT's previous vendor, their Human Resources team was in search of a new vendor that had the service and technology to meet their specific needs. Unlike other vendors, NMS Health provides fully customizable screening packages combined with a powerful platform to organize and manage employee compliance.

By utilizing our pod platform, district leaders at VDOT are now able to easily request services, view live statuses, and retrieve clearances to manage their employee's occupational health requirements.

If your employees need occupational health services, our team of experts want to partner with you! Get started today.

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