Vision Testing for Employees and Candidates

By Alana Smart / July 13, 2021 / Blog ,

Vision Testing for Employees and Candidates

July is Healthy Vision Month and it is a great opportunity to discuss healthy vision in the workplace. To ensure that your candidates and employees can perform their duties to the best of their ability, sometimes it is necessary to have a vision test performed. Some positions have a vision test result requirement such as DOT drivers, but other companies elect to have them performed for those in certain positions.

Vision tests can be included in pre-employment exams, as well as annual exams to gage and catch vision problems as early as possible. Proper vision, including the use of visual aids for those who have impairments can help to reduce fatigue and accidents at work, and improve overall performance.

Currently, NMS Health organizes and reviews three different types of vision testing for our clients:



You may be familiar with the Snellen vision test for distance acuity. It is one, if not the most commonly used test for vision. The Snellen test, commonly referred to as the vision chart, consists of 11 rows of capital letters which decrease in size as you progress through the lower rows. Each eye is individually tested by covering one eye at a time while reading the letters with the other.



The Titmus Vision exam utilizes a machine which is capable of testing near and distance vision, binocular vision, and peripheral vision. The test can be customized to the needs of the occupation the candidate will be working in.



The Ishihara test is designed to test candidates and employees for colorblindness and is comprised of either 24 or 38 color plates. Each plate is a circle made up of various dots that range in color and size. The examiner presents each plate individually for approximately five seconds. It is the goal of the patient to recognize the differently colored numbers within the circle. If they are not able to do so, it suggests a deficiency in color vision.


Which employees can benefit from vision testing?

  • Healthcare workers
  • DOT drivers
  • Heavy machinery operators
  • Construction workers
  • Electricians
  • Manufacturing / factory workers


Getting Started

NMS Health is a full-service occupational health provider with coverage throughout all 50 states. We can help your company implement an exam program that will best keep your employees safe and reduce your company's workers' compensation exposure. Learn more about how NMS Health makes a program like this simple, without your company needing to spend additional resources on managing it.

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