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We understand that time is of the essence for healthcare staffing employers. Timely and precise results are crucial to avoid employees missing their start dates. That's why we offer efficient solutions and advanced technology that seamlessly integrate with your existing operations.

With our platform, pod, you have complete oversight of your employees’ services so you always know where they stand. We streamline the entire screening process, from scheduling appointments to delivering accurate results, allowing you to focus on what you do best—providing exceptional healthcare staffing services

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three decades of experience

1.2 hrs
average customer service response time

5.7 days
average turnaround time

occupational health services from start to finish

scheduling • coordination • low titer follow-up • vaccine tracking •
result review • national provider network • dedicated health platform

Take a peak behind the scenes

  • Real-time Statuses and Comments
  • Attendance Confirmation
  • Appoint Reminder Notifications
  • Digital Result Retrieval
  • Potential Service Delay Notifications
  • Estimated Completion Times
  • Live Chat and Support
  • Standardized exam paperwork and package

the technology you want

easy requesting

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simple ordering for any exam or health screening, nationwide


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your occupational health hub in pod. The dashboard gives complete insight into all your service requests


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stay up to date on where each of your employees are at any point during the screening process