ready. set. pod.

pod is an integrated health portal designed with you in mind.

Submit screening requests with ease, anywhere in the US. Sit back, relax, and let us take care of everything from scheduling to results. Review real time status updates and result notifications as soon as their available.


your employee health screenings at the speed of pod

pod makes it easy to oversee all active exams and screenings for your entire company. With pod, you will have access to real-time dashboards and live updates as each employee or candidate moves through the screening process.


see pod run


Your occupational health hub in pod. The dashboard gives you complete insight into all your service requests.

digital results

All results are available for download and securely held with in pod.

live statuses 

Stay up to date on where each of your employees are at any point during the screening cycle.

easy requesting

Simple ordering for any exam or health screening, nationwide.

compliance tracker

Never miss a compliance due date again. Monitor which employees are currently in compliance, approaching expiration, and no longer in compliance.


One fit for duty status. Simple. Easy.

features to stay on top of it all


Gain insights into both your active and past screening requests using meaningful data points and your own custom fields. 

custom fields

Track the data that is important to you. Statuses make it easy to determine if employees have completed all necessary testing to satisfy their job requirements. 


Eliminate duplications and save time with PreScreen. NMS Health will review previous employee screening records.


need a custom integration?

use our APIs

APIs for your tech team so data can be moved into your HR systems however you want.

complete oversight and transparency


✔ User Access Management
✔ Advanced Search and Reporting
✔ Missed Appointment Oversight
✔ Employee Roster View
✔ Custom Field Creation
✔ Employee Tagging
✔ Employee Profiles
✔ Employee Appointment Registration
✔ Custom Protocol Ordering
✔ Employee Appointment Check-In
...and more

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