Report Reveals Workers Want Employers to Prioritize Physical Safety

By Alana Smart / February 8, 2023 / Blog ,

Report Reveals Workers Want Employers to Prioritize Physical Safety

Findings from a new report reveal that workers feel strongly that employers should prioritize physical safety.

The Workplace Safety Report from Ansell Inteliforz™ released its findings from surveying workers and decision-makers in the warehousing and manufacturing industries. Those findings speak to how employees expect employers to focus on providing a safe work environment and their desire for employers to prioritize physical safety.

According to a news release, almost 95 percent of the more than 500 respondents described the employer priority of physical safety as “very important,”. Only six percent said it is “somewhat important,”. Additionally, over three-quarters of respondents said that they would be “more likely to join or stay with an employer who prioritizes their physical safety.” For workers who had been injured on the job before, that percentage jumps to 82 percent

The survey also found that workers want improved communication and hazard monitoring in the workplace. 53% of respondents stated seeing something in the workplace that poses a hazard between one to two times a week, 25% seeing risks between three to five times a week, and 11% seeing risks six or more times. 

The findings also displayed a strong interest in incorporating technology at work. About 90% of respondents working in manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution voiced an interest in “wearing connected technology that identifies unsafe physical movements and makes customized recommendations to reduce workplace risks.”

“Based on the survey findings, workers want and need to have a technology-supported safety culture that ensures every employee is fully trained and protected at all times. With current advanced technologies available […] companies empower their workers to take an active role in their own safety, which decreases response times and helps to reduce injury rates while building trust with their workforce,” said Sean Sweeney, Vice President & General Manager of Ansell Inteliforz™ & Mechanical Safety Solutions in the news release.

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