make pod the way you want it

Partner with NMS Health to create pod customizations your company needs

How it works?

Should your company need pod customizations that are not presently offered, our technology team is eager to collaborate with you to create a solution tailored to your needs. Please fill out the form provided, ensuring you include a thorough description of your desired customization. Once submitted, a business development representative will reach out to schedule a meeting to discuss your request in detail. Please note that a consultation with a business development associate is required before we can provide you with a cost estimate.

Customization ideas

  • Custom User Interface: Upgrade the functionality of any pod page for an experience crafted to your specifications.
  • Custom Features: Custom modules or tools tailor fit for your company's needs.
  • Custom Views: Create custom data visualizations and reports, meticulously designed to align with your occupational health analytics needs.
  • Custom Request Pages: Create a custom request page optimized for different functions (such as preferred clinics, key contacts) to streamline your orders.
  • Custom Employee Landing Pages: Create a welcoming digital entry point for candidates and employees with custom landing pages that resonate with your company culture and values.
  • Custom Employee Registration: Collect critical information right from the start with customized registration forms, ensuring you have all the details you need from your employees.
  • Custom Medical History Forms: Efficiently gather medical information with specialized forms that meet your healthcare data requirements.

what's included with your pod subscription today

Roster Uploads: Uploads of your roster with our upload template so you can easily bring in employee data from your HRIS.

Adding New Procedures: Custom procedures, tests or exams that are specific to your organization.

Configurations: Assistance and training on custom fields and other advanced options in pod including WorkFit profiles and protocols.

API access: API integrations with already established integrations partners.